Our Products

Our portfolio of insurance products ensure that you can protect what matters most - your family and your health.

Our Life Insurance Products

We offer three of the most common types of life insurance. These products can be selected based on the one that best fits the reason you want life insurance and is most useful for the specific needs of your family.

Term Coverage

Lasts for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years
Premium payment is flat
Coverage up to $1MM
Ideal for: young families who want to cover needs with a specific time horizon such as home mortgage and kids’ college

Whole Life

Lasts until end of life
Premium payment is flat
Coverage up to $1MM
Ideal for: families seeking life insurance plus a way to have access to funds because Whole Life accrues cash value each year

Final Expense

Lasts until end of life
Premium payment is flat
Coverage up to $30,000
Ideal for: seniors who want to ensure their funeral is paid for or leave a little something for their kids or grandkids

Our Health Insurance Product

We offer Medicare Supplement Insurance - one of the most commonly needed health insurance products for people who are 65 or older. This type of insurance complements your Medicare plan by helping to cover expenses and gives you the freedom to choose your own providers.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Easy to apply
Guaranteed renewable every year
Selection of plans to meet your budget
Ideal for: people with Medicare who want to secure additional coverage to help with expenses such as co-pays and deductibles that Medicare doesn't cover

Why Lumico?

We're committed

Our team is passionate about helping more Americans secure the life and health insurance that they need. We seek to exceed your expectations in our products, processes and pricing. 75% of Lumico consumers* say that their experience buying life insurance from Lumico was better than they expected.

We're focused

We are focused on offering a simple, straightforward application process and affordable pricing to fit a range of budgets and coverage needs.
The result - more families have the peace of mind that comes with having the life and health insurance they want.

We're financially secure

Lumico Life Insurance has been in business for over 50 years and is part of Swiss Re, a large, global financial services organization. Lumico is rated “A” by A.M. Best. “A” is excellent and is the second highest of fifteen ratings that can be awarded. It means that Lumico Life is financially stable and secure.**
** These ratings reflect claims paying ability but are not a guarantee of future performance

Still Have Questions?

Medicare Supplement insurance plans, also known as Medigap plans, are standardized by the government, which means that all plans have exactly the same basic benefits, regardless of which insurance company you choose. Medicare Supplement plans are generally available to individuals age 65 and above and in some states, these plans are available to disabled individuals under age 65 that are eligible for Medicare.

Lumico Life Insurance Company ("Lumico") underwrites Medicare Supplement policies. Lumico is not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or the federal Medicare program. Premium and benefits vary by plan selected. Plan availability varies by state.

This website is designed as a marketing aid and is not a legal contract for insurance. This website does not pertain to states where no coverage is available and is not intended for use outside of the United States. Please refer to the policy for the full terms and conditions of coverage.

*2017-2018 Lumico Consumer Research

** These ratings reflect claims paying ability but are not a guarantee of future performance.